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Ponder Girl: 10 Interesting Details About the Female Body

Ponder Girl: 10 Interesting Details About the Female Body

Secrets for the female reproductive system

Boffins are making progress that is serious knowing the female reproductive system considering that the times whenever ancient Greek doctors thought the womb could easily get antsy and wander across the human body at might, causing a number of trouble. But ladies’ reproductive tracts nevertheless hold an aura of secret. Below are a few crazy details about the uterus, vagina, G-spot and much more — and many secrets that even experts can not explain.

Da Vinci had it wrong

Leonardo da Vinci ended up being a careful observer of human body, illustrating pictures from dissected figures which are still accurate today. But he fell in short supply of excellence whenever sketching the feminine reproductive tract. In accordance with Warwick University clinical anatomist Peter Abrahams, da Vinci’s sketches of peoples uteruses look a lot more like those of other pets. It might be that the problem to getting female corpses for research left da Vinci with no option but to fill out the gaps in animal dissections to his knowledge, Abrahams told LiveScience.

The uterus is ultra-elastic

If not being used, an uterus that is healthy a tiny organ, measuring about 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) very very very long and 2 ins (5 cm) wide. During maternity, that changes — fast. The expanding uterus reaches all the way to the navel by about 20 weeks into pregnancy. (more…)