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Here’s just what I was taught by a nun about dating

Here’s just what I was taught by a nun about dating

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We don’t love to be presumptuous, but I’d bet that a nun may not be the very first individual to pop to your head if you’re searching for dating advice.

Your pals? Certain. Also your parents? Possibly. But a nun? Not likely.

They’re celibate, in the first place, so might be not likely to offer any sex that is cosmo-style involving forks or cayenne pepper.

And despite a recent push from Pope Francis to modernise the Catholic Church, most users associated with clergy are nevertheless profoundly conservative inside their philosophy.

But, in a day and age of quickfire swiping and online matchmaking, can an even more conventional approach to dating be a step that is positive?

Sister Helena Burns, a nun in the Daughters of Saint Paul, believes so.

She said: ‘From the thing I can easily see, contemporary relationship frequently misses the complete intent behind dating.

‘It shouldn’t be a customer experience – no “laundry lists” of exactly what you’re searching for in a spouse. (more…)