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Does that matter? Well, you will have to say at least it really is a strange method of going about things.

Does that matter? Well, you will have to say at least it really is a strange method of going about things.

Switching closer to home.

Threat by Twitter will never be pretty. And possesses been practised in the home this too week. Communications Minister Paul Fletcher decided to tweet a duplicate of a letter he had delivered to the chair of this ABC, Ita Buttrose, whining concerning the controversial Four Corners episode in the Canberra Bubble — although the page ended up being never ever released being a press release that is formal.

Does that matter? Well, you would have to state at least it’s a way that is weird of about things. Into the no less than 15 concerns Fletcher has put to Buttrose (and then the board) concerning the system, he’s got supplied 1st real test for the Code of Practice recommendations on privacy and directly asked: “Why, into the judgement regarding the Board, will be the personal lives of politicians newsworthy?”

He complains that the privacy of a lady who had been the “topic for the incident that is alleged people Bar additionally the topic associated with the so-called relationship because of the Attorney-General” happens to be breached, and she’s denied the allegations, without mentioning that this girl needs to be in a invidious place right here, given she stays a staffer within the federal Government. He asks: “Why into the judgement associated with Board is the existence of a relationship that is consensual a politician and an employee user that happened before the introduction regarding the Minister Code considered noteworthy?” Well, there are in least three factors why that so-called relationship may be of interest: had been it being carried out at taxpayers’ cost; so it might leave a minister open to compromise that it exposed double standards, or.

About because subtle as a tweet from Trump

The Australian was briefed on concerns that have been likely to be placed on notice when you look at the Senate this week — before the ABC had seen them — asking if it had hired a private investigator to follow Attorney-General Christian Porter. (more…)