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7 Methods To Build Better Relationships With Journalists

7 Methods To Build Better Relationships With Journalists

Whenever explaining the thought of sluggish PR, Christopher Penn describes that the goal is “to create just as much of a relationship and value with news associates at the start.”

Penn uses “slow PR” interchangeably with the term “inbound PR” to emphasize the similarities between slow PR and inbound marketing. Sluggish PR is a relationship-based way of communications.

In this piece I would like to explain seven recommendations for building better relationships with journalists, especially making use of a Slow PR model. Put more merely: how do PR practitioners build better relationships with reporters without a pitch?

1. Become a reader/distributor of these work

Read virtually any journalist’s advice to PR professionals and context is probable in the future up:

Today“If it’s something that’s generally not my beat, I’m just not going to respond,” – Melanie Eversley, USA

“It still occurs all too often that I get info from PR agencies that is totally worthless for me personally.” – Michel van der Ven, Freelancer